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Tuesday 05/31 - Today!
  • Unexplainable


    New Episode
    Another clue has you grasping for a rational explanation. Could there be something unexplainable going on?
  • Mind Meld

    Mind Meld

    New Episode
    Armed with their new Mind Meld ray, CLUE's setting out to take over the minds of everyone across the globe!
Wednesday 06/01
  • Mahjong Escape

    Mahjong Escape

    New Episode
    Travel to a brand-new location in our newest levels of Mahjong Escape.
  • The Pharaoh's Tomb

    The Pharaoh's Tomb

    New Episode
    Claire's had something important stolen from her!
  • Celebrate with Pogo

    Celebrate with Pogo

    Theme: Nat. Candy Month - Play Sweet Tooth 2
    Meet new people, play games, and get tokens!
Thursday 06/02
  • Unusual


    New Episode
    Secret tunnels, sunken beds and even a sewage museum. This could be a rather unusual day of sightseeing!
  • Triple Bonus Tokens!

    Triple Bonus Tokens!

    Every Thursday
    Meet new people, play games, and get up to 9,000 tokens!
Sunday 06/05
  • Sunday Token Social

    Sunday Token Social

    Theme: Summer
    Come back every Sunday for a double scoop of Bonus Tokens and fun chat topics.
Monday 06/06
  • Psychic Stakeout

    Psychic Stakeout

    New Episode
    Spring is in full bloom in certain parts of the world and things are quiet and peaceful; perhaps a little too quiet, really!
Coming Soon
  • Plea for Help

    Plea for Help

    New Episode
    The clues are stacking up and your investigation is headed into dark territory indeed.
  • Slippery Clues

    Slippery Clues

    New Episode
    Can some gruesome clues lead you to the whereabouts of the missing archaeologist?
  • Fear


    New Episode
    Has Angkor Wat become the focus of evil spirits? Can you find a way to ward them off?
  • Watching Eyes

    Watching Eyes

    New Episode
    Will the ramblings of a dying man help you battle the evil forces at work within the temple complex?
  • Digging for the Truth

    Digging for the Truth

    New Episode
    Merrick Whitman's interest in conspiracy theories and the unknown has gotten him involved with some shady entities.
  • The Scarab's Story

    The Scarab's Story

    New Episode
    Claire and Troy fly to England to begin preparing for their upcoming wedding!
  • Malevolent Mystery

    Malevolent Mystery

    New Episode
    Something is making Claire feel very anxious about her wedding.
  • Clairvoyant Chaos

    Clairvoyant Chaos

    New Episode
    Agent Scarlet's been cultivating all the world's bee population just so she can produce her own honey!
  • Mystic Mischief

    Mystic Mischief

    New Episode
    You're one step closer to unraveling Scarlet's bee-fuddling plan.
  • Fortunel's Fool

    Fortunel's Fool

    New Episode
    Agent Scarlet's not-so-sweet plan has finally been unveiled: she's using all that honey at her all-bear zoos!
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