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Monday 08/31
  • CLUE Secret & Spies

    CLUE Secret & Spies

    ChaosBall Begins
    It's time for the first big ChaosBall match against CLUE. Can you defeat Mustard's team?
  • Campus Caper

    Campus Caper

    New Episode - Play Now
    Join Claire as she teams up with Harper to solve a campus mystery in the new episode "School Daze."
Tuesday 09/01
  • Amazing Minis

    Amazing Minis

    2pm PT / 5pm ET
    Theme: Pogo's Sweet 16. Game: Poppit! – Amazing Minis Free Rooms 01 - 24 under Topics tab.
  • Super Search

    Super Search

    New Episode - Play Now
    Rumors of a new band of superheroes abound. Sniff these vigilantes out in Episode 253, "Disguised Intrigue."
  • Village of Mystery

    Village of Mystery

    New Episode - Play Now
    Can you gain the favor of local villagers and learn their secrets? Continue your search for Bigfoot in "Earning Trust."
  • Win in Rome

    Win in Rome

    New City Episode - Play Now
    Mahjong Escape has a sweet surprise! Its epoch-exploring escapades expand to Rome in the second-ever city episode.
  • CLUE Secret & Spies

    CLUE Secret & Spies

    Disguised Intrigue - New Episode
    Rumor has it that there's a new set of caped superheroes in town!
  • Mahjong Escape

    Mahjong Escape

    New Episode
    Prepare yourself for an exciting new expansion in Mahjong Escape!
  • Double Your Money

    Double Your Money

    Play cash games
    GSN will double your first deposit and give you 20,000 tokens.
Wednesday 09/02
  • Undiscovered World

    Undiscovered World

    Earning Trust - New Episode
    Can you earn the trust of the local villagers and learn the secrets that they keep?
  • Claire Hart

    Claire Hart

    School Daze - New Episode
    Harper's first semester of college is already off to an interesting start.
Thursday 09/03
  • Big City Adventure

    Big City Adventure

    Moscow, Day Nine - New Episode
    "Go big or go home" was certainly embraced by the people of Moscow!
  • Around the World

    Around the World

    New Minis
    We've stocked up the Mini Mall with some global fare!
Coming Soon
  • Undiscovered World

    Undiscovered World

    Attacked - New Episode
    Searching for mythical creatures comes with real danger. Will you survive the attack?
  • Undiscovered World

    Undiscovered World

    The Quest - New Episode
    The local Shaman has sent you on a mysterious quest. What secrets will it reveal?
  • Undiscovered World

    Undiscovered World

    Them Bones - New Episode
    Your quest leads you to an interesting find. Will it provide the clues to what you seek?
  • Undiscovered World

    Undiscovered World

    Bigfoot Gets Big - New Episode
    You have a big lead in your hunt for the Sasquatch. Or will it be another red herring?
  • Claire Hart

    Claire Hart

    Campus Whispers - New Episode
    When Harper's favorite professor is threatened, Claire signs on to find the culprit.
  • Claire Hart

    Claire Hart

    Old and New Friends - New Episode
    Claire discovers the identity of the man threatening Professor Huot, and Harper makes a new friend.
  • Claire Hart

    Claire Hart

    Free Claire Hart - New Episode
    Claire and her friends enjoy a weekend getaway that ends with a big surprise for someone.
  • CLUE Secret & Spies

    CLUE Secret & Spies

    Strange Sanctums - New Episode
    Tracking down a hidden superhero lair isn't as easy as it sounds!
  • CLUE Secret & Spies

    CLUE Secret & Spies

    Costumed Champions - New Episode
    Just when you were sure you had all the Superhero squad on your side, a wrinkle arises!
  • CLUE Secret & Spies

    CLUE Secret & Spies

    Hero's Doom - New Episode
    Things don't go as well as you'd hoped for your brand-new squad of superheroes.
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