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Monday 05/02 - Today!
  • Psychic Stakeout

    Psychic Stakeout

    New Episode
    Agent Plum's found a potential ally for CLUE, and the fact that she's psychic just sweetens the deal!
Tuesday 05/03
  • Plea for Help

    Plea for Help

    New Episode
    A plea for help has drawn you to the forbidding jungles of Cambodia and the majestic temples of Angkor Wat.
  • Amazing Minis

    Amazing Minis

    Unthemed Event - 9AM PT, 12PM ET
    Game: Stack'em - Free Rooms starting with "C" under the Topics tab.
Wednesday 05/04
  • The Pharaoh's Tomb

    The Pharaoh's Tomb

    New Episode
    Claire visits a new Egypt exhibit with ties to the Van der Walts
Thursday 05/05
  • The Name

    The Name

    New Episode
    What's in a name? Be it a person, an animal, a date, or a description, there's usually a good story behind every one.
  • Triple Bonus Tokens!

    Triple Bonus Tokens!

    Every Thursday
    Meet new people, play games, and get up to 9,000 tokens!
Sunday 05/08
  • Sunday Token Social

    Sunday Token Social

    Theme: Mother's Day
    Come back every Sunday for a double scoop of Bonus Tokens and fun chat topics.
  • Get Powered Up!

    Get Powered Up!

    Today Only
    Today only, save on select Power-ups in Mahjong Escape.
Coming Soon
  • Slippery Clues

    Slippery Clues

    New Episode
    Has your contact suffered a mysterious accident or has something more sinister befallen him?
  • Fear


    New Episode
    Fear is taking hold after a mysterious disappearance. Can you help those in need?
  • Watching Eyes

    Watching Eyes

    New Episode
    Unnatural events are unfolding around you. Can you find a reasoned explanation before it's too late?
  • Unexplainable


    New Episode
    Another clue has you grasping for a rational explanation. Could there be something unexplainable going on?
  • Digging for the Truth

    Digging for the Truth

    New Episode
    Claire meets an Egyptologist who can shed light on the case.
  • The Scarab's Story

    The Scarab's Story

    New Episode
    Claire discovers and untold truth about Dr. Winship.
  • Malevolent Mystery

    Malevolent Mystery

    New Episode
    A friend summons Claire for help with a unique case.
  • Clairvoyant Chaos

    Clairvoyant Chaos

    New Episode
    Agent Plum's newest psychic agent continues to elude you.
  • Mystic Mischief

    Mystic Mischief

    New Episode
    Agent Plum's psychic agent is more like a psychic weapon!
  • Fortunel's Fool

    Fortunel's Fool

    New Episode
    CLUE's newest agent is using her psychic powers as a weapon!
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